Our Story

Welcome to Seams Apparel! Seams was created by Kale Emshoff. Currently Professional Baseball player in the Kansas City Royals Organization.

The story of Seams begins in 2020 when everything was locked down and closed due to Covid 19. While working on my family farm one day, I was brainstorming on how I can start my own business. From a young age I have always wanted to start my business and build it from the ground up, this was my opportunity! Not knowing what it might be at the time I dedicated a full day to taking notes and really thinking of what I can do as a baseball player, farmer, college graduate. The answer was easy for me, baseball apparel. I took my background in baseball and started thinking of brand names while on the tractor. I took a list of 8 to 10 different brand names that were possible contenders. "Four Seams, Two Seams.... no no no, Seams, that's its!" Seams is short and sweet. I then proceeded to write goals in my phone of the direction that I wanted Seams to go and what the main purpose of Seams is.

Each day I thought about Seams, the obsession grew and the meaning behind it began to go deeper and deeper. The meaning behind Seams is that everyone and everything has "seams", aka the things that hold you together and make you who you are. I have seams, you have seams... everything. It could be family, friends sports whatever it may be.

After brainstorming on Seams and writing goals, I then started working on the very same designs you see to this day. I still have the original designs in my iPad! From this stage of the Seams, I had to research on how I can get my designs to a product. This took weeks of research to find the right fit but eventually I found multiple manufacturers that support my ideas and business. From this point I moved forward and began to Trademark my designs. The name "Seams", my slogan "Nothing Granted, All Earned". I also started to work on a website and created a LLC, thanks to my sister Kinsley, and my future wife Alli. Everything you see to this day is from hard work and constant failure and improvements. I want to be able to provide a service for people who love to take pride in the seams of life. 

While playing through the Minor Leagues, I have learned that time management and hard work will always be the answer for everything, not to mention the connections you make with people through out your life is just as important. I love sharing this information with people who ask about Seams because I truly believe in this brand I built. The end goal for Seams is to be a multi-sport complex, not just for baseball but for EVERY sport! We will support the youth and the community to grow and develop to become better individuals than we were yesterday. 

Thank you for all the continued support!

Go Royals!